Hot, Hot, HEAT


Lose your all-star power forward, rise two spots in the Eastern conference. It isn’t a reliable/popular/ideal/effective/sane strategy, but it’s been working for the Miami HEAT. Since Chris Bosh was re-diagnosed with blood clots, an issue that kept him off the floor last season and kept him out of this year’s All-Star game in Toronto, the HEAT have gone 3-0, beating Conference foes Atlanta, Washington, and Indiana. And Bosh hasn’t been the only star sidelined for most of the streak. Continue reading “Hot, Hot, HEAT”


The Wild, Wild…East?

While the Warriors and Spurs have established themselves as the Western conference’s titans, with Oklahoma City not far behind, the battle for Eastern conference supremacy has been a bit closer. The reigning Eastern conference champs still sit comfortably at the top, but the rest of the field is as competitive as it gets. While the East might not be as good as the West, yet, it is certainly more competitive. At the end of the all-star break, only 11.5 games separated 3rd place and 10th place in the East. The playoff picture is changing nightly. Literally. So how’s it going to shake out throughout the rest of the season? Let’s take a look… Continue reading “The Wild, Wild…East?”

Give Jahlil a Break

When I was 19 years old, I was speeding. When I was 19 years old I got into my first (and only) street fight. Many of my friends can say the same, and many of their friends can, as well. Simply put, when you’re 19 years old, you tend to do some stupid shit sometimes. I’m not encouraging such behavior, I’m merely stating that it happens. It’s not the worst thing in the world and kids grow up and learn from their mistakes.

That’s why we need to cut Jahlil Okafor a little slack in light of his recent mishaps. Continue reading “Give Jahlil a Break”

15 for 15: Predictions for the NBA Season

It is here, folks. It is back. The NBA season has officially begun. What a time to be alive. Here are some predictions for the upcoming season.

1. East will be better than last year, but not great.

It is no secret that the East has generally been a worse conference than the West. Much worse. Since the 1998-1999 season, the Eastern Conference has finished with more wins than the West once. Last year the New Orleans Pelicans were the 8th seed in the West at 45-37 while the Celtics slid in the East playoffs with the 8th seed and a record of 38-44. The Cavs’ record of 53-29 got them 2nd in the East, but would have been good for 7th in the West. All that said, the East will be a better conference this year, they won’t be the better conference, but the Cavs will win it all and they’re from the East so that has to count for something, right.Lebron-James-Winks-At-Scottie-Pippen-Still-Shot Continue reading “15 for 15: Predictions for the NBA Season”

White Lies and Small Guys: How the Warriors evened the scales

After game 3, the Finals looked more like LeBron’s personal record-breaking campaign than anything else. The Warriors looked lost and helpless against the world’s greatest player and Cleveland’s physical defense. But then game 4 happened and the Warriors once again looked like the havoc-wreaking, pedal to the floor basketball team we saw all year. They even got Kanye to smile!

Continue reading “White Lies and Small Guys: How the Warriors evened the scales”

What’s Up With the Wizards

On Wednesday night in Minnesota, the Timberwolves beat a playoff team by 20 points. No typos there. Which playoff team? The Washington Wizards.

This is becoming somewhat of a trend with the Wiz. On February 22nd, they lost in Detroit by 17. Two days before that, the Cavs came to DC and won by 38 points. Things are bad, and they’ve been bad for awhile now. Since we entered the new and glorious year of 2015, the Wizards are 11-16. Since the All-Star break, they are 0-4. They’ve lost Bradley Beal to a fibula injury (2-4 without him). They’ve fallen from third in the East to fifth. People in DC want Randy Wittman gone. Wale and Kanye might design new Wizards lbjwalluniforms…wait that’s pretty dope actually. But all in all, The Wizards ain’t winning. Continue reading “What’s Up With the Wizards”